Alpha Talbott Utility District


0-2000 Gallons $24.00 Minimum Bill - 3/4” tap 
$30.00 Minimum Bill - 1” tap
All Over 2,000 Gal. $5.50 per Thousand gal.


Application for water service:

Owners - $50.00 non-refundable service charge (proof of ownership)

Renter- $75.00 non-refundable service charge

New tap fees:

3/4” tap and meter $950.00
1” tap and meter $1150.00

All taps larger than 1” will be made at actual cost plus 15%, but in no case will be made for less than the cost of a 1” tap.

Delinquent fees:

$35.00 service charge added to account if delinquent
$75.00 service charge to turn on after 4:00 pm and weekends

Returned Checks

$30.00 dollar service charge plus the amount of the check

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