Alpha Talbott Utility District


Alpha-Talbott Utility District held its first charter meeting in 1959 at Alpha School. C.T. Davis, H.B. Roberts, and Bernard Line were the first commissioners appointed to serve on the board. Mr. A.E. Bost provided assistance as the engineer to the district. The number of customers has risen from 250 in 1959 to nearly 7,000 today. Purkey’s Store was home to the first district office. The office moved to 4871 W. Andrew Johnson Highway in 1954 and resided there for 34 years. In June
1998, a new location was built at 1085 E. Hwy. 11E in Jefferson City. The current building was designed by Carl Taylor and constructed by Gary Epps. Our mission is to continue to provide our customers with high quality, efficient, and reliable water.

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